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Workshops in string art, survival bracelets, body percussion, knotting & rope bridge traversing.

Graham listening to suggestions for better designs.

Facilitators provided workshops in technology, engineering, science, arts and music in 60minute sessions with fun the focus for students and staff heading into the holidays. Rubber Science helped youngsters load rubber bands just right into the altered clothes pegs they use daily at home to help out to, and cut correctly the recycled plastic lid liners into loaded flying disks to aim at a target while chats about safety, the value of eyesight, listening, sharing and patience were the constant theme with fun the focus.

Adventure science and Knotting gave the chance for good stories to help tie the bowline, reef knot and thief knot, then safe ways to work with ropes, store ropes and check rope quality. Youngsters then tried tying the knots with one hand, blindfolded and behind their back to prepare for situations that should never arise. We then ran a simulation of crossing over lava -constructing a simple, safe rope bridge for double traversing with eyes open, two hands, eyes closed and 1 hand across some soil approaching laval temperatures without harming the trees.

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