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Wahoo Business design workshop packages, community and professional development programs aimed at boosting creativity, innovation, community engagement and participation.


Wahoo Business draws on a team from various professional backgrounds including education and training, creAtive arts and community development to deliver programs that inspire,  increase community capacity and promote laughter, learning, health and Wellbeing.


Wahoo workshops incorporAte building Handmade musical instruments, outdOOr education, engaging science programs and environmental sustainability.


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Qualified award winning teacher, current registration, high school teacher, teacher in Engineering, Science, Maths, Technology, 25 years Experience, multiple NEITA nominations, ACER recipient most outstanding educator, Mechanical Engineer and Instrument designer and tinkerer of all things interesting, ancient and new. He has been researching ancient technologies from around the world for 30 years, and developing current methods with current tools aligned with participant abilities to make musical instruments, weaponry, toys, puzzles, stoves and dwellings. Twenty years experience in scout movement, worked as Engineer in vibration analysis, Life Line counsellor, Youth Line counsellor, and guitarist.

Workshops are more than just building a finished product, we have a focus on fun with patient presenters promoting learning, new skills, relevance and success, within a sensitive environment.



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