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String Gardens

String Gardens are assembled using techniques based on a Japanese style of Bonsai called Kokedama.

Herb Spirals

Create a spiral set of microclimates with soil and rocks to plant a range of herbs using art, engineering and horticulture


Raised Garden Beds

Flower gardens and Herb Gardens are a fantastic addition to any workplace or school. Wahoo specialise in low maintenance herb and flower beds. Native species can also be discussed.


Build Microbat Roosts

Microbes eat 1200 mosquitoes /hour, these roosts can be placed 4m high in the garden to make them feel welcome.


Construct Solitary Bee Hives

Solitary native bees pollinate at around 90% success rate compared with 30% for the social bees, these hives encourage them to take up residence and improve garden yields.


Cob Oven Construction

Build a pizza oven or 2. These will cook

a pizza in less than 2 minutes!! Using a

parabolic, or catenary or sculptured shape to concentrate heat,

you can also do a magnificent roast.


Learn the principles of work, force, energy and projectile motion. Design, build and test a catapult and if game, participants can split into teams and launch tennis balls, water bombs or marshmallows in competition.




Bamboo Structures

Design and erect either a 7m or 4m

high Tipi, if time permits spend the

night and learn Native American crafts.


Design and erect a 7m diameter

Geodesic Dome and deck it out with

a Bohemian theme.






Construction and racing chariots demonstrates structural integrity and the importance of a good design. It is also a fantastic, fun and somewhat exhausting session as participants race to the finish


Water Rockets

Teams will be given the opportunity to design, build and launch water powered rockets. Nose cones and parachutes can be attached to each rocket before it is sent sky high cameras can provide footage viewed and compared on the big screen afterward.




Outdoor Education

 "no nature deficit

syndrome here"

Build and Play

Musical Instruments

"Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths in a single package. "             


Build your own electric guitar in one day individually or in a group from very basic and easy to come by materials. Participants use tape measures, handsaws, cordless drills, soldering irons, wood rasps and sanding materials.



The Cajon is a South American style drum that is also popular in the flamenco music of Spain. Workshop participants will construct the drum and then learn to play rhythms on their new instrument. Participants use hammers and nails, screw drivers and sanding materials.



The Ukulele is a four stringed instrument from Hawaii very similar to a guitar. Build your own electric ukulele in one day individually or in a group from very basic and easy to come by materials. Participants use tape measures, handsaws, cordless drills, soldering irons, wood rasps and sanding materials..




The tubulum is a 4 metre

tall xylophone made from

long lengths of pipe.

Participants will be guided 

through the construction of

the instrument. This 

workshop clearly displays 

mathematical principles

and the links between math-

ematics and sound.

Growing, Cooking, Eating

Science Experiments

The Science Of Sound

Investigate waves, determine the speed of sound, transmit waves, play with the confusa-sound, amplify sounds, measure frequencies, delay sounds, focus whispers and make a record player.

Inertial Bird Mobiles

Layout a design, cut out a pattern, find centres of Gravity and Balance points, then assemble the Mobile to take flight using Inertia as the force behind them.



Electric Burglar Alarms

Facilitators demonstrate DC circuits,

conductors, series and parallel,

switches and short circuits. Partic-

ipants then design and build to take

home a small house with burglar

alarms, with batteries, LEDs and wires.



Solar Ovens

Using recycled materials, learn about parabolas, reflection, focal points, lenses, conduction and convection while exploring designs and making a solar oven that heats up to 70 degrees.


Building & Programming Robots 

Design, build and program robots with kits. Construct a working robot fitted with sensors and motors, and learn how to program it to perform the tasks set as challenges.

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