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Thursday Island Workshops at Aftercare

Facilitators worked with locals during the week on Thursday Island and Bamaga Weaving 170 Survival Bracelets from para cord, Sculpturing 20 Ocarinas from clay, designing and making jewellery/fascinators from nature, dyeing fabrics with leaves, making Cajon drums and Ukuleles. Four facilitators worked with about 70 locals of all ages. We left extra materials with Aftercare to complete unfinished projects and start new ones if the locals were still keen. We are always grateful for the warm welcome, supportive stay, and family farewell we leave with.

Making Cajons, then learning rhythms

Making Ocarinas from Clay

Cajon with fascinator

Making Ocarinas from Clay

Weaving Survival Bracelets

Ukulele on its way to completion

Weaving survival bracelets

Family effort Cajon making

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