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Each morning began at 7.45 with a drumming circle on the school set of Djembes in the Resource centre.

Students also had a go at solving a range of 20 tricky hands-on Math puzzles before school.

School student leaders did workshops on leadership covering Perception, Emotional Quotient, Problem Solving and Self Esteem with activities on Braking Distance, Water Rocketry, Illusions, Magic and Strengths (personal, community and country.)

Students in grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 built 60 Cajons, learned to play them and performed superbly in a tight routine at a concert, then took their painted instruments home to gloat. (after an encore)

Teachers built 10 Cajons, learned to play them and performed a treat at the concert.

Year 3 students did song writing and performed their masterpieces.

Preschoolers performed with actions their version of window shopping for Doggies, Crocs, Frogs, Chickens and Hippos.

Year 1 and 2 students sang and clapped loud and soft with Black Betty, beautifully.

Yr 4,5,6 students learnt body percussion routines, and performed extremely well.

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