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Mornington Island concert support and classroom workshops

November 28, 2018


We provided Technical Support for lighting, sound and mixing and setup and pack down for end of year concert, 

We provided live music each Morning before school , at the amazing art show, staff Breakup sign-a-longs

 We provided Classroom workshops-

-Making Clay seed bombs, 

-Knotting and traversing a rope bridge

-Making bike tyre belts from old bike tyres., 

-survival bracelet weaving

-Peg/band disk launchers

-body percussion, 

-knotting, reef, bowline, sheetbend

-making record players, 

-Hanging string bird mobiles, balancing inertia , gravity and weight to get the balance right.

-Wood ornament whittling


Astronomy instruction for the telescope

Recalibrated school telescope, update notes, inservice interested staff 

Nexstar 4SE


139° 9' 57" E longitude

16° 39' 39" S Latitude

MI School

16°39'54"S Latitude

139°10'51"E Longtitude


Time zone +10

Telescope set up with 

Brightest stars. 













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