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Pizza Oven workshop at B-Space, Ballina then Cooking with a variety of Fires.

Participants secured some major wheels to the bottom of the sturdy base, then spent 3 days ( 1 layer per day ) mixing cob bricks from clay, sand, sawdust and cement with bondcrete for a massive pizza oven to then cook off 20 pizzas in an hour for its first test.

Cooking with fire had the group doing roast lamb and veggies in a cobb oven, garlic bread in terra-cota pot ovens, devils on horseback in the Trangia, and roasted veggies with bacon and prunes in the camp oven, and pizzas in the new pizza oven.

Then to finish off we boiled a cup of water using 1 sheet of newspaper in the bush billy, once they worked out where to put the water in.


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