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Workshops at Woodford Folk Festival

Cardboard Science at the Children's Festival, the participants made cardboard solar cookers, and cardboard furniture to take away and sit on safely.

Rubber science included a band-jo tuned to play "Mary had a little lamb"; a small flying saucer and launcher using a clothes peg, rubber band and milk top lid liner, and a rubber band motor to scoot along the table,

Rocket Science resulted in launching 16 finned rockets with designed nose cones, with handmade, folded, tested, talced parachutes that deployed after launching from the console with setup remote weather station monitoring wind speed and direction for the whole shebang.

Adventure Science covered first aid prevention and treatment in the bush for ticks, mozzies and leeches, boiling water in paper cups over candles, cooking pizzas in small pizza oven terra-cota pots and setting up rope bridges as a team to traverse safely.

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